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Team/Association Development

Team/Association Development
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BLADE Skating Treadmill Team Training – Next Generation HKY The BLADE treadmill has a distinct advantage over on ice training and has far exceeded our own lofty expectations. 

As a large on ice development company we take advantage of using video for our on ice training whenever possible. The opportunity for players seeing themselves in motion certainly has its beneficial elements for refining a player’s stride. The BLADE treadmill-training centre allows us to add another element to the sensory training experience. We are now able to create the FEELING of proper stride for our players. With the use of 4 live video feeds, a large 6x8 mirror and semi private coaching we can now engage multiple senses for players. 

The video allows players to see their true movement while the coaches encourage them into proper technique now allowing the players to understand the FEELING of proper stride and not just knowing what it looks like. The translation from learning the FEELING of proper stride into that FEELING now turned into a natural habit has accelerated players development multiple times over when compared to on ice training. 

About the BLADE

The BLADE hockey skating treadmill is ideal for all levels of skaters. From beginners learning fundamentals to professional athletes seeking stride efficiency and endurance development, the BLADE is the ultimate tool for developing technique and improving overall skating abilities.   The key to BLADE training is the controlled atmosphere. Coaches and trainers can easily communicate with skaters, providing constant instruction and supply direct feedback to get results. Treadmill Functionality With the use of speed and incline to manipulate the treadmill we are able to compensate for any player deficiency or training focus. 

The BLADE treadmill can reach speeds of 0-25 mph while it has functionality to move from -5 degree to 35 degree incline giving a wide range of combinations to customize training for each player. 

Team Development Sessions - Overview Our goal for the player development program is to provide a well-balanced environment that will challenge and consistently develop players throughout each session. We have established a program that focuses on encouraging players to achieve their goals whether those be competitive nature or to increase enjoyment of the game. Our program suits each age/skill level and is designed to complement team practices. 

The ability to supplement teams with intense player development while keeping costs with in every teams grasp is important to us and also important to your families.

Typical Team Training Session Format

A. All team bookings will be 2.25 hours in length with each team being broken up into 3 separate training groups of 45 mins per group. Coaches will be responsible for assigning players their specific training times as outlined in the example below.

eg. 530-615pm, 615-700pm, and 700-745pm

 B. When arriving for training please give your player enough time to get into their LOWER hockey gear to create the most realistic game transfer feel while training. Also please give yourself additional time for our coach to assist in getting the training harness on prior to your training session(3-5 minutes earlier)


C. Sticks will not be required for players to bring but we urge you to bring a water bottle as it can be physically demanding

To discuss registering your team for a team treadmill training package please contact derek@nextgeneration-hky.com



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