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March Break Camp

March Break Camp
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Price: $265.00


We have created this program to have 3 commitment option so it suits all players schedules.

1. March 13th, 14th, 15th(3 day) - $265.00 

2. March 16th, 17th(2 day) - $189.00 

3. March 14th-18th(full week) - $399.00 

What: March Break Camp

Where: Next Generation HKY Stride Factory (inside CHDC at 145 Iber Rd)


When: March 13th -17th (Approx. 8:45 am - 4pm)

Who: IP - Midget players are invited

         - Players will be separated into appropriate groups based on skill and age 


  • 1 on-ice development session per day
  • Treadmill training sessions on the BLADE treadmill daily
  • Off-ice stride specific training each day
  • Team Building and Leadership Daily

For any inquires or questions please contact evan@nextgeneration-hky.com


Treadmill—Efficient, Explosive Skating

It is no secret that a player’s ability to skate plays a large role in determining how effective of a player they are. The ability to win foot races leads to more puck possessions and therefore more opportunities and success for both players and teams. The addition of the treadmill now allows us to isolate and correct every element of the player’s stride—while the TV and four cameras/angles allow for instant feedback for each player. This allows players to relate the coach’s teachings points to what they can visually see themselves doing on the TV. Increasing DPS (Distance per stride), stride extension, stride recovery, arm swing, foot speed and edgework are all elements that will be covered in the two treadmill sessions each day.

On-Ice—Puck Confidence

With the treadmill allowing us to focus on the players skating—the on-ice portion of the camp will focus primarily on puck skills. Handling the puck in tight, handling the puck at high speeds, passing, shooting, shot selection and movement with the puck are just some of the areas this camp will cover. For further information on some of our puck based teaching focuses please visit the Puck Confidence page located on our website.

Off-Ice--Hockey Specific Workouts

The camp will also have hockey specific off-ice training. The hour will focus on isolating hockey specific muscles and energy systems—zeroing in on quick twitch muscle fiber to maximize explosive power while training the large muscle groups to work efficiently, generating effective power and limiting muscle fatigue. We will also incorporate the use of slide boards to reinforce some of the stride techniques being worked on, on the treadmill.

Team Building– We have designed a variety of team building exercise that rely on team/group communication, unity and decision-making—all of which are crucial to be a successful teammate! These exercises will promote the use of teamwork in order to achieve success—in a way that is FUN for each athlete! 


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